About Arêté

Areté is a Greek word pertaining to Excellence or Virtue. We want to make sure that how we are being, is in line with what we are capable of being, expressing the highest quality of ourselves, moment to moment. My aim is to live with Areté and have this quality present in every one of your massage sessions, working with you holistically to help you to be the best you can be also.

An Arête is also a sharp glacial mountain ridge. At Arêté massage I use this meaning as a metaphor for reaching the “summit” of our potential – our “Peak” Performance.

Our Therapists

Hayley Meredith

BTSM (Bachelor of Therapeutic & Sports Massage)

“I am awe inspired by our human body and its potential not only for performance and dynamic movement, but also for its ability to heal and repair itself. In fact it is not only the body that inspires me, but the layers of a person, from their core right through to what we see on the surface- emotion, energy and everything in between. This fascination with the body, mind and spirit, coupled with my enthusiastic pursuit of sport and exercise lead me to Holistic studies and completing a Bachelor of Therapeutic and Sports Massage in 2006, extended courses in Myofascial Release, Ancient Healing and Thai Massage. It unlocked a gateway to what seems a ceaseless quest for knowledge about “Us”.

Massage therapy is a wonderful gift for your body and fantastic way to increase body awareness. I love working with people to help them be at their beautiful best, getting the most out of their amazing bodies.

I have worked with National and International Athletes from many sporting codes, also Grandparents, Mums and Dads, Teens, Desk Jockeys, Labourers and the list goes on, but the big thing in common is that the wellbeing of every one of them is just as important to me as the next, and your wellbeing is too. I can’t wait to meet you and see what we can achieve.”


Hayley was absolutely delightful. The massage was heaven sent and one of the best I have had with such relief. Deep tissue massage carried out with great communication as to my comfort and the necessary pressure needed to relieve muscle tension. I highly recommend Hayley.
Vicki Watson
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